Days pass swiftly in this part of the world
Without a single thought of You creeping in my mind
But trust me, in the back of my mind You are always remembered
Though I regret not being with you at times of despair
What I see is a photograph of newlywed couple
Full of emotions which can just be felt not seen
You must be looking as beautiful and as charming
Is I think when thoughts of You surpass during the nights
I cannot express how much I want to be with you
But can only say that my Love for you is akin to Himalayas
At times I dream of being closer to You, helping you in daily chores
Making You feel special all the time
But dreams are dreams, no reality and
Me away from you is a reality which I want to correct
I know this will take years to happen if at all
But thinking about it is keeping me fighting
Fighting a war, ready to face the enemy’s bullet
Standing tall day in and out in freezing temperatures
Looking at that folded, slightly torn masterpiece kept in pocket
Every time I need strength to fight and come out winning
Just to dig into my pocket and see a new photograph of ours
As I come with open arms to be with You once we win the war.
Rohan Kachalia