Off to meet my friends on a Sunday evening,
In expectation of having a great time
I took an auto for my friend’s place

Loud music was playing which I seemed to enjoy
Without realising the auto guy staring at me from the rear view mirror
Enjoying my facial expressions as I lip sing the songs

On reaching the destination while tendering the fare
He turned around with eyes wide open
In anticipation of checking me out top to bottom which he did

Ignorant then of what was happening
I reached at the venue where friends had already arrived
Exchanging smiles and handshakes

We smiled, chatted and played
Even exchanged notes
Until a cousin of my friend entered the house

Friendly was his nature
As he mingled and got along with all of us
With occasional glance at my face

Somehow he managed to sit beside me
His fingers running through my back
Making me uncomfortable but I stayed silent

Waiting for the first opportunity to rush back home
Which came only after I was subjected to
His touch of my knees
Passing of his fingers through my hairs
Rubbing of elbow to my chest

And after which he was subjected to
A One Tight Slap on his cheek
Not enough it seemed, I landed him a second

And rushed towards the door
Sprinted and ran like never before
With a sense of fear and satisfaction as well

Knowing what I did was correct
Have emerged as a strong girl
Ready to fight, speak up and take a stand wherever necessary

Hetal Kachalia