This poem is dedicated to all those brave soldiers who fight against all odds and lay their life in protecting people and motherland from it’s enemies. A small note of Thank you for being there; offering our support and strength! Especially the martyrs of 26/11 Mumbai Attack. 
To the one who is far away,
Who has the deepest love for the terrain,
Whose chest swells even with minimum appreciation,
But is devoured by a war or a terrorist attack,
We are there for you! Thank you!
From being an epitome of sacrifice,
To generating the strength synonym to Himalayas,
Who stays awake to give us a sound sleep,
For whose safety we daily pray,
We are there for you! Thank you!
Ignorant of his own’s family state most of the time,
Be it during the scorching heat or cold night,
During the festivals or a political rally,
Who never says no and is always on the move,
We are there for you! Thank you!
Putting his life on the line,
And making things better for people like us,
Cursed most of the time for ‘n’ reasons,
But it is only you on whom we rest our fortunes,
We are there for you! Thank you!