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Watching through the window pane sipping through a cup of coffee
Gazing through the things around I let my mind take control over me
Cool breeze blowing making the leaves to sway, dancing to its tune
Just as Life makes us dance through its tune with or without grace
Flock of birds flying higher and higher with the aim to stay united and enjoy
Asking answers for questions still unanswered…
“Why can’t we stay united and enjoy life?
Why do we need to fight even on the petty issues?
Is it difficult to forget things and move on in life?”
Children enjoying even the smallest of the small success while playing
While we ignore to celebrate even the biggest day of our lives
A young couple sitting on the porch talking incessantly with smiles in between,
Enjoying a quality time
Whereas we see the emoticons on our Apple or BBM,
And in between share a few words face to face
Making us too close to the gadgets and far way from the people in our lives
By gazing through the window, I got answers to many of the questions
Which life throws upon us
But it is up to us to understand and catch those answers
Before Life itself becomes a big question to us