What should I buy? From where to buy? How much should be the budget? Will the gift be appropriate for the occasion? Is there a better option to gift? Will the person like it? Will it be useful? Well, these are some of the questions that run in my mind with respect to purchasing the gift. This makes the shopping and gifting experience a bit tedious and a task. So what to do? Asking, consulting will only give an idea but not help in buying the final one. So, you take along your spouse hoping that both will come to a good conclusion in deciding which one to gift. And here we go.

Day1 (Buying a gift for Mom on her birthday)

Him: Let’s gift a nice Punjabi suit. What’s say?

Me: That is so common. And she has many dresses. So this is out.

Him: Ok. Then what about a Saree? She looks good in sarees. (Said in affirmation as to put weight on the said option)

Me: Will you please give me a unique idea? All these are so common. (Getting irritated)

Him: Why don’t you tell? You always make a perfect choice. Right? (In the context of marrying me)

Me: Yea, but that was just a one off (giving a wicked smile)

The discussion continues being in the mall, roaming from shops to shops and then coming out with a huge bill. He decided to gift himself a formal shirt and a jeans. Bravo! That was the least expected. Going to buy a gift for someone else you end up purchasing  gifting all for yourself! Me, not even into consideration. And the day ended with a not so ugly but a small fight.

Day 2

So after a complete fiasco yesterday, I decided to go out all by myself and look out for that unique gift which will bring a huge smile on mom’s face and will be liked. And there I was in a mall different than the one visited yesterday with eyes wide open, looking for that ‘gift’ material. It was almost 3 hours after which I came to a conclusion of gifting a hand bag. And not to forget the long stops at various stores, eyes looking desperately for a good gift, legs asking for a pit stop and stomach craving for nutella. And alas a black hand bag was purchased, gift wrapped and gently kept inside a carry bag.
And since it was festival season, I just ‘thought’ of looking for some stuff just for me. In the end when I could not find even a tiny little space in my hand bag, I realised how much I had purchased for myself. A clutch, a kurti, a punjabi suit, few nail polishes, lipsticks, eyeliner, kajal (list will go on and on). I told him in the evening when he returned home from work that the gift had been bought but didn’t reveal what it is. You will come to know on the day itself, I said. But I didn’t tell him about those so called unwanted things according to him which have been purchased and kept safely.

Day 2 (around same time when I was in the mall)

Being feeling guilty of not helping me yesterday in buying me a gift for mom and selfishly gifting things for himself, he decided to buy a gift for mom. He too thought of buying a nice handbag but this one was made of jute rather than leather. And a birthday card placed inside. On hearing this news I laughed like I had never before. It was like 2 gifts which were almost similar had been purchased to gift it to mom.

(In the evening)

And there we were all in a grand birthday celebration for Mom, waiting for her to open the gift and to capture her reaction on getting not one but two gifts and that too almost similar. Though we had a good laugh at it, somewhere I felt it would have been better if I checked it online at Badhai.in where it would have been easier to gift a voucher of a specified amount and redeem it later with a gift of her choice. Anyways better late than never.


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