So it was a Saturday evening that I went to the nearby multiplex to watch ‘Barfi’ although reluctantly.  I would not not like to throw light on why I was reluctant to watch but probably sometime later I definitely will.  I didn’t even knew what kind of characters Ranbir and Priyanka were playing but knew that since He was insisting, the movie would be atleast a one time watch. But I was wrong. Trust me guys it will a treat to watch again and again and again. 

And it was picture shuru!! Within minutes I was thrown into a deep cinematic experience with good landscapes, apt story telling spanning forty years, brilliant music, a perfect story about unconditional love and brilliant acting by Ranbir and Priyanka who plays a character of deaf-mute and an autistic person respectively. 

Barfi (Ranbir Kapoor) is a happy-go-lucky kind of a guy who is always running from the cop for his, if you can say stupid, innocent actions. The birth of Barfi was excellently shown to a song played on Murphy radio. And hence the name Barfi. (rhymes) There are a lot of Charlie Chaplin moments which Ranbir plays exceptionally well and brings out a laugh everytime. The scene where Barfi flirts with Shruti (Illena D’cruz), places his heart out and writes a small letter after being said no to his advances is just marvellous. 

The story moves on with Barfi falling for Shruti and vice-versa inspite of Shruti being engaged. But she is timely reminded that Love alone cannot help the relation to sustain, it also needs money. The best scene of the movie is when Barfi with ease and finesse shows the difference between him and Shruti and conveys how deeply hurt he is at being rejected. Barfi then finds the company of Jhilmil (Priyanka Kapoor) his childhood friend, an autistic girl belonging to a rich family.

The scenes where Barfi puts his loved ones through test of unconditional friendship involving a collapsing streetlight, when Barfi doesn’t find himself comfortable after Jhilmil runs away from him and Shruti’s growing love for him, where Barfi searches for Jhilmil by tossing one shoe in the air are few of the many scenes that brings out tears in you. 

So just sit back and enjoy a beautiful ride filled with emotions, bonding, care and concern which in today’s material world seems to be an illusion. Yes, I did give him lots of kisses and… (left for your imagination) between and after the movie. 

Things to learn from the movie:
  • Even people with physical disabilities needs to be cared and loved. Even they do have feelings and emotions which we need to understand for taking care of them.
  • Love is the only thing that humans need and always try to show love to them in any form.

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