Life is known to throw up challenges at every stage. Some challenges make us what we are, whereas some challenge stakes us everything. But there is one thing which the life’s challenges takes away from us irrespective of we nail those challenges or not, and that is a Smile.

A Smile has that capacity to reduce the burden not only on your bones, but that of others as well.

So my wish as of now is to be a Smile on people’s faces and I convey it through a set of three Haiku.



Perennial lines

Hardened by lifeโ€™s decisions

Soft smile eases it


A hunched shoulder rests

Wiping off the sweat, he eats

A contended smile


Battling a daily fight

For no one, but survival

A smiley stiff frame

This post is written for Blogchatterโ€™s prompt for the week – I wish I were